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Fluorin Plastic Centrifugal Pump CNP SZ
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Sell Fluorin Plastic Centrifugal Pump CNP SZ

Specification of Fluorin Plastic Centrifugal Pump CNP SZ

Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump CNP SZ

50 Hz
Sz is a fluorine plastic centrifugal pump. 50 is the suction diameter (mm). 32 is the drainage diameter (mm). 160 is the nominal diameter (mm) of the impeller. Common applications. 路 Acid base concentration, saline solution, strong oxidant, organic solvent etc. Very corrosive media. 路 gasoline, chemical, pesticides, acid cleaner, dying, papermaking, galvanizing, etc. Feature structure. The sz pump has one impeller, axial suction and a radical release. 路 Simple structure, the shaft is directly connected to the impeller. 路 easy to work pipes, inlets and outlets connected by standard flanges. 路 wet part made of f26.f46, accessories made of cast iron (ht200).

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